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    N133FGE-L31 lcd panel wholesale
    • N133FGE-L31 lcd panel wholesale
    • N133FGE-L31 lcd panel wholesale
    • N133FGE-L31 lcd panel wholesale


    PRICE US$ 32.00 US$ 34.00 US$ 0.00
    QTY 10-99 PCS 100-999 PCS 1000+

    4-6 days delivery

    safe shipment

    Basic Parameter

    Panel Brand:Innolux
    Panel Model:N133FGE-L31
    Panel Size:13.3
    Panel Grade:A
    Viewing Angle :45/45/20/45 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
    Brightness:300 cd/m2 (Typ.)
    Contrast Ratio:500:1(Type.)
    Lamp Type:WLED
    Signal Interface:LVDS  40pins


    Product Details

    N133FGE-L31  lcd panel size

    N133FGE-L31 back picture

    N133FGE-L31  lcd panel size

    N133FGE-L31 label detail

    N133FGE-L31  lcd panel size

    N133FGE-L31 interface detail

    Why do customers choose us?

    • ? 1KK panel stock, competitive price, 1-3days deliver

      With 5000 square meters of large warehouse and 1KK panel stock, customers can get pandels in 1-2 days after order.

      Panel manufacturers → 58display warehouse(Stock) → Customers

    • ? Original Quality

      Supplied by original factory, original quality, original package, quality assurance.

    • ? Ten years of industry experience

      58display, used name Hong Kong Luhua Electronic Technology International Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008, has 10 years of industry experience and is trustworthy.

    • ? Supply finance improves customer capital turnover

      The supply cooperation company provides customers with short-term and medium-term financing, “buy goods first, then pay”, which greatly improves the customers turnover rate.

    • ? Original factory offers after sale service

      Professional engineers provide product technical support and offer after-sales service according to the original IIS after-sales terms.

    • ? One-stop service

      58display cooperation company provides import and export declaration, warehousing, advancement of funds services, allowing you to achieve one-stop service.

    • ? Collaborate with more than 3,000 customers in more than 200 countries around the world

      58display--a trusted choice for more than 3,000 customers worldwide

    Popular Questions

    • Q1、Why can't I view or print the contract?

      ANS.: Before you can view or print a contract, you need to complete your company information before contacting us to make a contract!
    • Q2、How to pay after placing an order?

      ANS.: After placing the order and check the price with sales, you can pay according to the payment information on the contract.
      P.S.: After payment, please provide us with a bank copy so that we can ship goods to you in time.
    • Q3、Why do some products can be purchased at once, but some products require to leave purchase message?

      ANS.: You can puchase the panel that we have stocks. And we will ship panel within 2-5 days after the payment. If there are screens out of stock, please leave the relevant information such as the model and quantity to us, we will contact you in time to arrange the purchase for you.
    • Q4、Can the goods in the spot mall be purchased?

      ANS.: The goods in stock in the mall are all available for purchase. They are all in stock and the delivery time is 1-5 days after the payment.
    • Q5、58display mall can deposit orders?

      ANS.: The customer pays the deposit in advance, and 58display will prepare the panel for customers.
    • Q6、What size LCD screen does 58display mall have?

      ANS.: 58Display Mall mainly has screens including 10.4, 12.1, 11.6, 13.3, 15, 15.6, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, 22.0, 23.0, 23.6, 23.8, 27.0 inches,and most of notebook products and monitor series products.

    Warranty Policy


    We guarantee a new LCD replacement or your money back!

    All of our LCDs are covered by a device's 180days manufacturer's defects warranty. If our replacement LCD screen malfunctions within 180days after Proforma Invoice confirmed we will warranty the LCD screen. All potential manufacturer's defects such as lines, color or back-light fading are covered. Physical damage such as liquid spills, cracks, scratches, dents or impressions and other damage that occurred as a result of a physical blow or a drop is not covered by the warranty.

    The defective item will be replaced free of charge. In-case of stock unavailability or other circumstances we reserve the right to refund the original or current item price at our discretion.

    Damaged during shipping or cracked items are not covered by our warranty.


    • RMA number is required for all returns. (Click there to Download RMA Form).
      Submit a RMA form to make a Warranty claim past 180 days.
    • All returned screens must be in the same condition as when they were originally shipped to you. The screen must be returned to us within 5 business days after RMA has been issued. All returned screens must have all original labels in place and be free of any signs of usage, tampering and dents. But if returned screens have electronic malfunction after used without damage within 180days warranty, we will repair your used screens or refund 50% discount.

    Phone number: